We handle proposing the team that will accompany you to resolve the case.


We offer a continuous path of life information of the case. We work in a line of communication in real time.


We study in depth the issue in the context of their sector.


We offer budget proposals with involvement in the result. We're 25 years coordinating actions of large groups.


We start with a close relationship with all our clients to deeply understand the context of your business and take care of your case with accountability and transparency. We have offices in Cordoba and Madrid, and our team travels to anywhere in Spain or abroad where the matter requires.

Aguayo Abogados are a law firm which already has 25 years of solid track record. Our multidisciplinary team includes specialists in various practice areas, covering commercial, bankruptcy, administrative law, criminal economic and competition law. Our firm also has a long history in the area of Service Stations and the Agrifood.


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Meet our company and what makes us different:

Aguayo Abogados. Vídeo corporativo 3:22'

Vídeo corporativo de la firma Aguayo Abogados, despacho de abogados con sedes en Madrid y Córdoba. Especializados en las áreas…

Low Cost. Competencia de los Ayuntamientos y grandes Compañías

José Ángel Castillo Cano-Cortés, socio de Aguayo Abogados y Magistrado en excedencia, explica en este vídeo las competencias de Ayuntamientos…