Grow as professionals need to grow as a company. This requires providing a business environment and opportunities available to the professionals that make our firm.

A good strategy in training and promotion of our most prominent lawyers allow us a high specialization and achieve excellence in our processes.

With this philosophy rooted in Aguayo Abogados offer a cycle aimed at improving our professional and aspiring, which has a direct impact on continuous improvement of our firm.

Our program includes the training of our team, promotion opportunities and the possibility of access to business students featured in the context of the universities with which we work.

Illustration presenting the career plan we offer at Aguayo Abogados.


aguayoabogados-becas-conveniosProvide opportunities for new talent is part of the process of growth and discovery and signature capture and capable and trained specialists.

Therefore Aguayo Abogados has collaboration agreements with several major universities in the area of Córdoba and scholarship “Mariano Aguayo” which provides the opportunity for contact with the world of work outstanding students, to complement its process formative.


Aguayo Abogados has collaboration agreements with several universities, including ETEA Loyola and the University of Cordoba.


aguayoabogados-desarrolloAguayo Abogados offers a career for all its members from the time of joining the firm.

Lawyers Aguayo training is a key aspect; our goal is quality service and commitment to our customers.

In our office you invest in the training of professionals, both veterans and new recruits.

Every year our company performed several cycles of interviews aimed at expanding our team of professionals. In this selection the curriculum, the level of commitment, capacity for teamwork, responsibility and initiative is valued.

The selection processes are open to all who are interested in being part of a team responsible and committed work.